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About Brett

Just before WWII, a famous politician stated, "We take care of each other, we support one another, and we look out for our neighbors." I still believe that these words are true today and I believe that real estate is based on three simple ideas: community, trust, and connection to the land. As your realtor, I will confidently help you to navigate the complex process of buying or selling your home and will do so with unique market knowledge and old-fashioned hard work. I will advocate tirelessly on your behalf and, as a former educator, will use my connections within the Tucson community to facilitate a quick and successful transaction. Finally, I am a longtime student of Tucson history and I specialize in unique homes and historic neighborhoods, such as El Montevideo, Poet's Square, San Clemente, and Armory Park. I love old houses and new, and hope that my passion for real estate and community will assist you in achieving your dreams of ownership in the American Southwest!
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