About Garland Spears


About Garland

Garland is a compassionate and knowledgeable ally with a longstanding history of affecting positive and meaningful change in the lives of others. Garland joined the Tucson community in 2001, having grown up in West Texas and New Mexico. He later graduated from the University of Arizona, and through a process of work and play, integrated himself into the Tucson community. Garland possesses an informed perspective on what our beautiful city and it's people have to offer, and his experience and drive to be of service make him uniquely suited to help an individual or family find their own home and community here in the Old Pueblo. In his free time, Garland enjoys climbing and camping in the great outdoors, coaching a youth climbing team, and working on his home. Garland loves his family. His wife, Sara, and his baby boy, Ezra, are his greatest joy and the meaning behind everything he does.
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