About Laura Carson

Office Administrator

About Laura

Laura is an international celebrity dance choreographer, who has lived in the Philippines, Japan, California, New York and Arizona. She married into the Carson family 12 years ago, and now shares their pioneer legacy that has been in Tucson for over five generations. In addition to her impressive stage experience, Laura is a strong creative with talents in video editing and graphic design. She also has a passion for health and fitness, which she shares with her many local dance students in Tucson and Vail. Beyond the stage, Laura's leadership skills have helped her rise through the ranks in the corporate scene over the last five years. Laura’s desire to further serve her community has lead her to Habitation Reality, where she currently handles the role of Office Administrator. Not only does she support the staff, she excels in customer service and creative solutions. She has set her sights on becoming one of the company’s future real estate agents and looks forward to helping clients in that capacity, as well. When she is not working or dancing, Laura enjoys raising her two young sons with her husband Michael. She also loves visiting extended family in California, where she used to live, and will occasionally treat her former dance students to free master classes.
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